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Correction to: DEIDS: a novel intrusion detection system for industrial control systems.00.342022
Autonomous Anti - interference Identification of $\text{IoT}$ Device Traffic based on Convolutional Neural Network00.342022
DEIDS: a novel intrusion detection system for industrial control systems00.342022
Field Model-Based Cultural Diffusion Patterns and GIS Spatial Analysis Study on the Spatial Diffusion Patterns of Qijia Culture in China00.342022
A 1.24-pJ/b 112-Gb/s (870 Gb/s/Mm) Transceiver for In-Package Links in 7-nm FinFET00.342022
A Multi-Scale Feature Attention Approach to Network Traffic Classification and Its Model Explanation00.342022
Evolution of Controllers Under a Generalized Structure Encoding/Decoding Scheme With Application to Magnetic Levitation System00.342022
FITIC: A Few-shot Learning Based IoT Traffic Classification Method00.342022
An Adaptive Memetic Algorithm for the Joint Allocation of Heterogeneous Stochastic Resources00.342022
A Few-Shot Learning Based Approach to IoT Traffic Classification00.342022
A 2.75-To-75.9tops/W Computing-In-Memory Nn Processor Supporting Set-Associate Block-Wise Zero Skipping And Ping-Pong Cim With Simultaneous Computation And Weight Updating10.352021
An Analytical Framework for the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Layer Protocol under Periodic Traffic.00.342020
Joint Character-Level Word Embedding And Adversarial Stability Training To Defend Adversarial Text00.342020
Multi-agent coalition formation by an efficient genetic algorithm with heuristic initialization and repair strategy10.352020
RLDRM: Closed Loop Dynamic Cache Allocation with Deep Reinforcement Learning for Network Function Virtualization00.342020
6.1 A 112Gb/s PAM-4 Long-Reach Wireline Transceiver Using a 36-Way Time-Interleaved SAR-ADC and Inverter-Based RX Analog Front-End in 7nm FinFET00.342020
Dynamic Sketch: Efficient and Adjustable Heavy Hitter Detection for Software Packet Processing00.342019
Deep reinforcement learning-based beam Hopping algorithm in multibeam satellite systems20.412019
HALO: accelerating flow classification for scalable packet processing in NFV30.372019
An adaptive variational finite difference framework for efficient symmetric octree viscosity00.342019
CCGA: Clustering and Capturing Group Activities for DGA-Based Botnets Detection00.342019
Translating with Bilingual Topic Knowledge for Neural Machine Translation00.342019
An Efficient Marginal-Return-Based Constructive Heuristic to Solve the Sensor-Weapon-Target Assignment Problem40.402019
Information Propagation Prediction Based on Key Users Authentication in Microblogging.00.342018
Hash Table Design and Optimization for Software Virtual Switches.00.342018
A Network Equivalent-Based Algorithm for Adaptive Parameter Tuning in 802.15.4 WSNs.00.342018
Distributed Caching Based on Matching Game in LEO Satellite Constellation Networks.20.392018
A 112-GB/S PAM4 Transmitter in 16NM FinFET40.792018
Curvature-Constrained Uav Path Planning In Tracking A Moving Air Target00.342018
Optimizing Open vSwitch to Support Millions of Flows.10.392017
A Review on Hybridization of Particle Swarm Optimization with Artificial Bee Colony.10.352017
ObfusMem: A Low-Overhead Access Obfuscation for Trusted Memories.150.642017
Interference analysis of the integrated satellite-terrestrial networks in the composite fading channel00.342017
Accelerating Open vSwitch with Integrated GPU40.412017
DCE: A Distributed Energy-Efficient Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Double-Phase Cluster-Head Election.60.472017
Accurate Cloning of the Memory Access Behavior.00.342016
CAF: Core to Core Communication Acceleration Framework.70.472016
Rethinking Robust and Accurate Application Protocol Identification: A Nonparametric Approach50.442015
MeToo: Stochastic Modeling of Memory Traffic Timing Behavior.30.402015
Emulating cache organizations on real hardware using performance cloning10.352015
Update vs. upgrade: Modeling with indeterminate multi-class active learning.20.352015
Visual Similarity Based Anti-phishing with the Combination of Local and Global Features50.462014
XAMP: An eXtensible Analytical Model Platform.00.342013
A General Framework of Trojan Communication Detection Based on Network Traces30.452012
Modeling Social Engineering Botnet Dynamics Across Multiple Social Networks20.382012
A semantics aware approach to automated reverse engineering unknown protocols351.232012
Biprominer: Automatic Mining of Binary Protocol Features80.522011
A Propagation Model for Social Engineering Botnets in Social Networks10.352011
Identification of biomarkers for prostate cancer prognosis using a novel two-step cluster analysis00.342011
Performance evaluation of Xunlei peer-to-peer network: A measurement study20.412011
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