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On the Performance of IRS-Assisted Multi-Layer UAV Communications With Imperfect Phase Compensation50.392021
Optimized Precoders for Massive MIMO OFDM Dual Radar-Communication Systems20.352021
Exact BER Analysis of NOMA With Arbitrary Number of Users and Modulation Orders40.402021
Performance Analysis of Downlink NOMA System over α-η-μ Generalized Fading Channel00.342020
Performance analysis and SINR-based power allocation strategies for downlink NOMA networks00.342020
A Receiver Architecture for Dual-Functional Massive MIMO OFDM RadCom Systems00.342020
Spectrum-Occupancy Aware Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Using Adaptive Detection10.352020
Multi-relay selection in energy-harvesting cooperative wireless networks: game-theoretic modeling and analysis00.342020
Resource Allocation For Swipt-Enabled Energy-Harvesting Downlink/Uplink Clustered Noma Networks00.342020
Aid-Based Backoff For Throughput Enhancement In 802.11ah Networks10.362019
Impact of imperfect channel estimation and antenna correlation on quantised massive multiple-input multiple-output systems.20.362019
Spectral Reuse Maximization Using Multi-Level Interference Mapping in Small Cell Networks00.342019
A Matching-Theoretic Approach to Joint Subcarrier Assignment and Weighted-Sum Energy-Efficient Power Allocation in Multi-Carrier NOMA Relay Networks00.342019
A Two-Stage Relay Selection and Power Allocation Algorithm for NOMA-Based Multicast Cognitive Radio Networks00.342019
Joint relay selection and energy‐efficient power allocation strategies in energy‐harvesting cooperative NOMA networks00.342019
User association and channel assignment in downlink multi-cell NOMA networks: A matching-theoretic approach10.352019
Joint Relay Selection and Global Energy-Efficient Power Allocation in NOMA Networks00.342019
Joint Subcarrier Assignment and Global Energy-Efficient Power Allocation for Energy-Harvesting Two-Tier Downlink NOMA HetNets00.342019
Energy Efficiency Optimization for NOMA with SWIPT100.502019
On Optimal Power Allocation over Time-Varying Rayleigh Fading Channels for Maximum-Ratio Combining in Diversity Systems with Partial CSI00.342019
Information unequal error protection using polar codes.10.402018
On the Feasibility of Interference Alignment in Compounded MIMO Broadcast Channels with Antenna Correlation and Mixed User Classes.10.362018
A Matching-Theoretic Approach to User-Association and Channel Assignment in Downlink Multi-Cell NOMA Networks10.352018
Single and Dual Connectivity for Decoupled Uplink and Downlink Access in UHF-mmWave Hybrid Networks.00.342018
Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in SWIPT Enabled NOMA Systems.00.342018
CrowdConnect - A Quality of Experience Enhancement Solution for Dense Stadium Networks.00.342018
Game- Theoretic Modeling and Analysis of Multi-Relay Selection in Energy-Harvesting Wireless Networks.00.342018
Interference and Resource Management Through Sleep Mode Selection in Heterogeneous Networks.40.432017
Physical Layer Security Over Correlated Log-Normal Cooperative Power Line Communication Channels.00.342017
Secret Key Exchange Using Private Random Precoding in MIMO FDD and TDD Systems.50.412017
Secret key establishment technique using channel state information driven phase randomisation in multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing.00.342017
Pilot contamination mitigation in TDD massive MIMO systems00.342017
Stochastic Geometric Analysis of Energy-Efficient Dense Cellular Networks.10.352017
Impact of pilot sequence contamination in massive MIMO systems.00.342017
Secret Key Exchange Under Physical Layer Security Using Mimo Private Random Precoding In Fdd Systems00.342016
Power allocation over time-varying multiple-access interference channels10.362016
Coordinated Ovsf Code Allocation For Improved Sum Rate And Energy Efficiency In 3g Small Cells00.342016
Enhanced Multiplexing Gain Using Interference Alignment Cancellation in Multi-Cell MIMO Networks60.452016
Network Sum-Rate Maximizing Power Allocation Over Time-Varying Multiple-Access Interference Channels20.392016
Energy-Harvesting In Cooperative Af Relaying Networks Over Log-Normal Fading Channels20.372016
Joint Cost-Sharing And Multi-Relay Selection For Two-Way Relay Networks Using A Pricing Game10.362016
Relay Selection For Energy Harvesting Relay Networks Using A Repeated Game30.392016
Modeling And Analysis Of Cellular Networks With Elastic Data Traffic00.342016
Identifying The Maximum Dof Region In The Three-Cell Compounded Mimo Network10.352016
On The Design Of Irregular Hetnets With Flow-Level Traffic Dynamics00.342016
Distributed Multi-Relay Selection Via Political Coalition Formation In Cooperative Wireless Networks00.342016
On the Energy Efficiency-Spectral Efficiency Trade-Off in MIMO-OFDMA Broadcast Channels40.402016
Design, Modeling, and Performance Analysis of Multi-Antenna Heterogeneous Cellular Networks.70.482016
Load Aware Adaptive Scheduling for Energy Efficient Suburban Massive MIMO Networks00.342015
Joint Successive DTx and Antenna Optimization for Energy Efficient Large Scale Antenna Systems00.342015
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