Quaid-I-Azam University
Numerical Modeling and Symmetry Analysis of a Pine Wilt Disease Model Using the Mittag-Leffler Kernel00.342022
Analysis of fourth-grade fluid model over a stretchable surface with Riga plate subject to permeable medium00.342022
Combined impact of Cattaneo-Christov double diffusion and radiative heat flux on bio-convective flow of Maxwell liquid configured by a stretched nano-material surface00.342022
Optimized framework for slip flow of viscous fluid towards a curved surface with viscous dissipation and Joule heating features00.342022
Intelligent neuro-computing for entropy generated Darcy–Forchheimer​ mixed convective fluid flow00.342022
Motion of hybrid nanofluid (MnZnFe2O4–NiZnFe2O4–H2O) with homogeneous–heterogeneous reaction: Marangoni convection00.342021
Modeling and simulation of micro-rotation and spin gradient viscosity for ferromagnetic hybrid (Manganese Zinc Ferrite, Nickle Zinc Ferrite) nanofluids00.342021
Nonlinear dissipative slip flow of Jeffrey nanomaterial towards a curved surface with entropy generation and activation energy00.342021
Transportation of heat generation/absorption and radiative heat flux in homogeneous-heterogeneous catalytic reactions of non-Newtonian fluid (Oldroyd-B model).00.342020
Entropy optimized MHD nanomaterial flow subject to variable thicked surface.00.342020
Transport of hybrid type nanomaterials in peristaltic activity of viscous fluid considering nonlinear radiation, entropy optimization and slip effects.00.342020
Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) radiated nanomaterial viscous material flow by a curved surface with second order slip and entropy generation.00.342020
Numerical solution of MHD flow of power law fluid subject to convective boundary conditions and entropy generation.00.342020
Heat transport and entropy optimization in flow of magneto-Williamson nanomaterial with Arrhenius activation energy.00.342020
Cattaneo-Christov heat flux (CC model) in mixed convective stagnation point flow towards a Riga plate.00.342020
On the numerical simulation of stagnation point flow of non-Newtonian fluid (Carreau fluid) with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux.00.342020
Entropy optimization analysis in MHD nanomaterials (TiO 2 -GO) flow with homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions.00.342020
Darcy-Forchheimer hybrid (MoS 2 , SiO 2 ) nanofluid flow with entropy generation.00.342020
Development of thixotropic nanomaterial in fluid flow with gyrotactic microorganisms, activation energy, mixed convection.00.342020
Investigation of physical aspects of cubic autocatalytic chemically reactive flow of second grade nanomaterial with entropy optimization.00.342020
Cattaneo-Christov (CC) heat flux model for nanomaterial stagnation point flow of Oldroyd-B fluid.00.342020
Transportation of water-based trapped bolus of SWCNTs and MWCNTs with entropy optimization in a non-uniform channel00.342020
Entropy optimized dissipative CNTs based flow with probable error and statistical declaration.00.342020
Irreversibility characterization and investigation of mixed convective reactive flow over a rotating cone.00.342020
Modeling and numerical simulation of micropolar fluid over a curved surface: Keller box method.00.342020
Transportation of entropy optimization in radiated chemically dissipative flow of Prandtl-Eyring nanofluid with activation energy.00.342020
Flow of hybrid nanofluid across a permeable longitudinal moving fin along with thermal radiation and natural convection.00.342020
Modeling and interpretation of peristaltic transport in single wall carbon nanotube flow with entropy optimization and Newtonian heating.00.342020
Entropy generation minimization (EGM) in magneto peristalsis with variable properties.00.342020
Theoretical and numerical investigation of Carreau-Yasuda fluid flow subject to Soret and Dufour effects.00.342020
Fully developed Darcy-Forchheimer mixed convective flow over a curved surface with activation energy and entropy generation.00.342020
Entropy optimization in CNTs based nanomaterial flow induced by rotating disks: A study on the accuracy of statistical declaration and probable error.00.342020
Mathematical modeling and analysis of SWCNT-Water and MWCNT-Water flow over a stretchable sheet.00.342020
Modeling and computational analysis of hybrid class nanomaterials subject to entropy generation.00.342019
Nanomaterial based flow of Prandtl-Eyring (non-Newtonian) fluid using Brownian and thermophoretic diffusion with entropy generation.00.342019
Theoretical and mathematical analysis of entropy generation in fluid flow subject to aluminum and ethylene glycol nanoparticles.00.342019
Theoretical investigation of Ree–Eyring nanofluid flow with entropy optimization and Arrhenius activation energy between two rotating disks00.342019
Magnetohydrodynamic stagnation point flow of third-grade liquid toward variable sheet thickness.10.362018