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Open-Source Software in the Classroom: Empowering Students to Self-Select Projects to Contribute00.342022
WACline: A Software Product Line to harness heterogeneity in Web Annotation00.342022
Developing research questions in conversation with the literature: operationalization & tool support00.342022
Assisting Mentors in Selecting Newcomers’ Next Task in Software Product Lines: A Recommender System Approach00.342022
Are Journals and Repositories Enough? Design Knowledge Accumulation as a Diffusion of Innovation Practice00.342022
Visualizing the customization endeavor in product-based-evolving software product lines: a case of action design research00.342022
20 years of industrial experience at SPLC - a systematic mapping study.00.342021
Using Health Chatbots for Behavior Change: A Mapping Study.00.342019
Chatbot Dimensions that Matter: Lessons from the Trenches.00.342018
A quality analysis of facebook messenger's most popular chatbots.20.452018
Addressing web locator fragility: a case for browser extensions.00.342017
User acceptance testing for Agile-developed web-based applications: Empowering customers through wikis and mind maps.10.382017
Requirement-driven evolution in software product lines: A systematic mapping study.80.422016
Tuning GitHub for SPL development: branching models & repository operations for product engineers80.472015
Web Mashups with WebMakeup.00.342015
A Petri Net-based Approach to OWL Ontology Representation.00.342015
Testing MOFScript Transformations with HandyMOF.00.342014
End-User Browser-Side Modification Of Web Pages50.572014
Lightweight End-User Software Sharing.10.352013
Activity fragmentation in the web: empowering users to support their own webflows10.392013
User-Driven automation of web form filling10.362013
WikiLayer: annotation for Wikipedia10.352012
Web-Based tool integration: a web augmentation approach10.372012
Network Survivability for Multiple Probabilistic Failures.80.492012
Model Transformation Co-evolution: A Semi-automatic Approach.270.812012
Defining DSL Expressions Collaboratively in Multidisciplinary Embedded Engineering00.342011
A Federated Approach to Crossblogging through Contracts00.342011
Toward the Semantic Desktop: The seMouse Approach40.442009
Web Engineering, 9th International Conference, ICWE 2009, San Sebastián, Spain, June 24-26, 2009, Proceedings524.202009
Quantifying Maintainability in Feature Oriented Product Lines30.412008
Feature Oriented Model Driven Development: A Case Study for Portlets782.842007
Improving a portlet usability model80.622007
Model Transformations should be Functors.00.342007
Exploring Extensibility of Architectural Design Decisions60.422007
PTSM: A portlet selection model20.452007
An automatic approach to displaying web applications as portlets20.432006
Blogouse: turning the mouse into a Copy&Blog device10.452006
Experience Measuring Maintainability in Software Product Lines60.572006
Turning the mouse into a semantic device: the seMouse experience10.382006
Feature refactoring a multi-representation program into a product line441.532006
Improving portlet interoperability through deep annotation120.742005
Turning Web Applications into Portlets: Raising the Issues90.662005
Portlet syndication: Raising variability concerns20.422005
Authoring and annotation of desktop files in seMouse.00.342005
Supporting production strategies as refinements of the production process90.762005
A product-line approach to database reporting00.342005
Facing Document-Provider Heterogeneity in Knowledge Portals00.342004
InvokingWeb Applications from Portals: Customisation Implications10.452004
User-Facing Web Service Development: A Case for a Product-Line Approach10.362003
Coupling the ontology layer with the resource layer: a rule-based approach00.342003
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