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Citegraph is an open-source online visualizer of 5+ million papers, 4+ million authors, and various relationships. In total, Citegraph has 9.4 million vertices and 294 million edges. At the moment, Citegraph only has computer science bibliography.

Paper ---CITES--> Paper

Citegraph contains 32+ million paper citation edges.

Fun fact: Distinctive Image Features from Scale-Invariant Keypoints is the most cited paper.

Author ---WRITES--> Paper

Citegraph contains 16+ million authorship edges.

Fun fact: H. V. POOR is the most productive researcher - he has authored more than 1.6k papers!

Author ---REFERS--> Author

Citegraph contains 224+ million author citation edges.

Fun fact: Geoffrey Hinton is the most-cited person - more than 66k people have cited his work at least once!

Author ---COLLABORATES with--> Author

Citegraph contains 19+ million author collaboration edges.

Fun fact: Radu Timofte has the most collaborators - more than 2k people have coauthored at least one paper with him!