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Intelligent Omni-Surfaces for Full-Dimensional Wireless Communications: Principles, Technology, and Implementation120.512022
Performance Optimization for Semantic Communications: An Attention-Based Reinforcement Learning Approach00.342022
Average Coverage Probability for Base-Station-to-UAV Communications Over 6G Multiple Access Wireless Networks.00.342022
Multi-Dimensional Multiple Access With Resource Utilization Cost Awareness for Individualized Service Provisioning in 6G10.352022
Fundamentals of Physical Layer Anonymous Communications: Sender Detection and Anonymous Precoding40.412022
How Should IRSs Scale to Harden Multi-Antenna Channels?00.342022
A Vision of 6G from the Perspective of Low-Complexity Hardware Micro/Nano Components00.342022
Simultaneously Transmitting and Reflecting (STAR)-RISs: A Coupled Phase-Shift Model00.342022
Power-Efficient Passive Beamforming and Resource Allocation for IRS-Aided WPCNs00.342022
Design of THz-NOMA in the Presence of Beam Misalignment00.342022
Wireless for Machine Learning: A Survey.00.342022
Convergence of Federated Learning Over a Noisy Downlink40.382022
RIS-Aided Zero-Forcing and Regularized Zero-Forcing Beamforming in Integrated Information and Energy Delivery00.342022
Performance Optimization for Wireless Semantic Communications over Energy Harvesting Networks00.342022
Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Communications for Deterministic Networking: A Cross-Layer Approach00.342022
A Compressive Sensing Approach for Federated Learning Over Massive MIMO Communication Systems40.402021
Learning to Decode Protograph LDPC Codes00.342021
Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Free-Space Optical Communications40.372021
Sum Spectral Efficiency Optimization for Rate Splitting in Downlink MU-MISO: A Generalized Power Iteration Approach00.342021
Robotic Communications for 5G and Beyond: Challenges and Research Opportunities10.342021
Spatial Constellation Design-Based Generalized Space Shift Keying for Physical Layer Security of Multi-User MIMO Communication Systems10.352021
Protecting Physical Layer Secret Key Generation From Active Attacks00.342021
Belief and Opinion Evolution in Social Networks: A High-Dimensional Mean Field Game Approach00.342021
Quality of Service Guarantees for Physical Unclonable Functions00.342021
Constrained Online Convex Optimization With Feedback Delays00.342021
Minimization of Age of Information for Monitoring Realistic Physical Processes in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks00.342021
Role Assignment for Spatially-Correlated Data Aggregation Using Multi-Sink Internet of Underwater Things10.432021
Federated Distributionally Robust Optimization for Phase Configuration of RISs00.342021
Information-Theoretic Bounds on the Generalization Error and Privacy Leakage in Federated Learning00.342020
Analyzing Social Distancing and Seasonality of COVID-19 with Mean Field Evolutionary Dynamics20.382020
Cloud/Edge Computing Service Management in Blockchain Networks: Multi-Leader Multi-Follower Game-Based ADMM for Pricing100.442020
Hierarchical Incentive Mechanism Design for Federated Machine Learning in Mobile Networks180.692020
An Efficient Neural Network Architecture for Rate Maximization in Energy Harvesting Downlink Channels00.342020
Unveiling the Importance of SIC in NOMA Systems—Part 1: State of the Art and Recent Findings150.612020
Sensing and Communication Tradeoff Design for AoI Minimization in a Cellular Internet of UAVs30.382020
Age of Information in Random Access Networks: A Spatiotemporal Study20.372020
Energy-Efficient Joint Power Control And Receiver Design For Uplink Mmwave-Noma00.342020
MIMO-OFDM-Based Wireless-Powered Relaying Communication With an Energy Recycling Interface10.352020
On The Physical Layer Security Of Millimeter Wave Noma Networks00.342020
A Novel Spectrally-Efficient Uplink Hybrid-Domain NOMA System10.352020
On the Impact of Phase Shifting Designs on IRS-NOMA220.762020
Update Aware Device Scheduling for Federated Learning at the Wireless Edge00.342020
Statistical QoS Provisioning Over Cell-Free M-MIMO-NOMA Based 5G+ Mobile Wireless Networks in the Non-Asymptotic Regime00.342020
Reinforcement Learning-Based Downlink Interference Control for Ultra-Dense Small Cells30.382020
Performance Optimization of Federated Learning over Wireless Networks.10.352019
Ultra-Dense LEO: Integration of Satellite Access Networks into 5G and Beyond280.912019
OTFS-NOMA: An Efficient Approach for Exploiting Heterogenous User Mobility Profiles.130.542019
Achievable Rate Analysis of Millimeter Wave Channels Using Random Coding Error Exponents00.342019
Distributed Global Optimization by Annealing20.392019
An Optimal Auction Mechanism for Mobile Edge Caching40.412018