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An Adaptive System-Of-Systems Approach For Resilient Manufacturing00.342021
Leveraging Iterative Plan Refinement for Reactive Smart Manufacturing Systems10.372021
Model-driven Runtime State Identification00.342019
Production Planning with IEC 62264 and PDDL10.362019
Flexible Production Systems: Automated Generation Of Operations Plans Based On Isa-95 And Pddl00.342019
Data Analytics for Industrial Process Improvement A Vision Paper00.342018
Interoperability and Integration in Future Production Systems00.342018
Aligning Business Services with Production Services: The Case of REA and ISA-9510.382017
Agreements in a Decentralized Linked Data Based Messaging System.00.342017
A View On Model-Driven Vertical Integration: Alignment Of Production Facility Models And Business Models00.342017
A Linked Data Based Messaging Architecture for the Web of Needs.00.342016
Verifiability and Traceability in a Linked Data Based Messaging System.20.432016
Analyzing inter-organizational business processes - Process mining and business performance analysis using electronic data interchange messages.00.342016
Applying business context to calculate subsets of business document standards20.382016
Hover: A Modeling Framework For Horizontal And Vertical Integration20.502015
A Standards Framework For Value Networks In The Context Of Industry 4.040.402015
Inter-organizational success factors: a cause and effect model.60.692015
From Business Functions to Control Functions: Transforming REA to ISA-9520.482015
Model-Driven Retail Information System Based on REA Business Ontology and Retail-H10.372015
The Case for the Web of Needs60.942014
Defining Business Rules for REA Business Models00.342014
Context Model for Business Context Sensitive Business Documents.30.452013
Context Aware Business Documents Modeling.30.522013
Contextualizing Business Documents30.532013
Crossing the Boundaries: e-Invoicing/e-Procurement as Native ERP Features.10.352013
E-Commerce, and Web Technologies: 14th International Conference, EC-Web 2013, Prague, Czech Republic, August 27-28, 2013, Proceedings191.222013
Putting Services in Context (Short Paper)00.342013
Evolution of Business Documents Based on UN/CEFACT's Core Components.00.342013
Towards Living Inter-organizational Processes40.432013
Business Context Sensitive Business Documents: Business Context Aware Core Components Modeling Using The E-Ucm Model40.552013
Replacing traditional classroom lectures with lecture videos: an experience report40.562012
REA-DSL: Business Model Driven Data-Engineering40.782012
ERPEL: Enabling Seamless Ad Hoc Cross Enterprise Collaborations10.632012
Extending the REA-DSL by the Planning Layer of the REA Ontology.30.642012
Validation of business document types based on feature models10.382012
Business document interoperability as a service00.342011
Towards variability management in business document types using product line engineering00.342011
Feature modeling for business document models40.492011
The rea-DSL: a domain specific modeling language for business models100.872011
Evolution patterns for business document models20.362011
REA-XML: An Unambiguous Language for REA Business Models10.362011
Registry support for core component-based business document models10.362011
Business Document Transformation Using Core Components and XSLT00.342011
A Composable, QoS-Aware and Web Services-Based Execution Model for ebXML BPSS Business Transactions80.602010
Novel communication channels in software modeling education20.682010
Registry support for core component evolution20.422010
New Media in Teaching UML in the Large - an Experience Report.00.342010
From Economic Drivers to B2B Process Models: A Mapping from REA to UMM60.492010
Size Matters!? Measuring the Complexity of XML Schema Mapping Models50.452010
Inter-organizational Reference Models - May Inter-organizational Systems Profit from Reference Modeling?00.342010
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