Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, P.R. China
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Cross-Dataset Collaborative Learning for Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving.00.342022
Dynamic Sparse R-CNN00.342022
Traveling Wavefronts In A Two-Species Chemotaxis Model With Lotka-Volterra Competitive Kinetics00.342021
Automatic Wear Measurement of Pantograph Slider Based on Multiview Analysis20.452021
Towards Discriminative Representation Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-identification.00.342021
Medical Image Registration via Similarity Measure based on Convolutional Neural Network00.342020
Continual learning classification method with new labeled data based on the artificial immune system10.352020
Estimating Terrain Slope from ICESat-2 Data in Forest Environments.00.342020
Speed Profile Optimisation For Intelligent Vehicles In Dynamic Traffic Scenarios00.342020
Post-processing for Enhancing Audio Steganographic Undetectability.00.342020
Robust, Imperceptible and End-to-End Audio Steganography Based on CNN.00.342020
MTNAS: Search Multi-task Networks for Autonomous Driving.00.342020
Age-Optimal Two-Layer Coding over Fading Channels00.342020
Research and Apply of Time Slice Scheduling Algorithm in Distributed Data Acquisition System.00.342020
Adversarial Examples Attack and Countermeasure for Speech Recognition System - A Survey.00.342020
An Empirical Study on Ensemble Learning of Multimodal Machine Translation00.342020
Object contour tracking via adaptive data-driven kernel.00.342020
Gradient preconditioned mini-batch SGD for ridge regression10.362020
A Systematic Literature Review Of The Capabilities And Performance Metrics Of Supply Chain Resilience00.342020
Smoothed LSTM-AE: A spatio-temporal deep model for multiple time-series missing imputation30.422020
Design Of Medical Cold Chain Information Acquisition System Based On Linear Prediction00.342020
An Improved GMM-based Method for Target Detection00.342020
Design and Implementation of Automatic Matching and Remote Screening System for Intelligent Security Inspection.00.342020
Assessing Rockburst Hazards Using a Self-Developed Real-Time Microseismic Monitoring System in a Deep-Sea Goldmine.00.342019
Detection of aggressive behaviours in pigs using a RealSence depth sensor.10.362019
A simple analytical model of complex wall in multibody dissipative particle dynamics.00.342019
Data quality improvement method based on data correlation for power Internet of Things00.342019
Semi-Homogenous Generalization: Improving Homogenous Generalization for Privacy Preservation in Cloud Computing.30.402016
Quantification of Highly Coupled Dynamic Fault Tree Using IRVPM and SBDD.60.452016
Characteristics of research collaboration in biotechnology in China: evidence from publications indexed in the SCIE.10.342016
Priority-based cache allocation in throughput processors350.802015
Resource management for interference mitigation in device-to-device communication10.342015
Temperature Compensation and Data Fusion Based on a Multifunctional Gas Detector10.362015
ForeSight: Mapping vehicles in visual domain and electronic domain20.372014
Towards Effectively Identifying RESTful Web Services00.342014
Minimum Gradient Forwarding for Wireless Sensor Networks.68.562014
A Twig Join Algorithm for a Query with ID References00.342014
A scalable flow rule translation implementation for software defined security00.342014
Opportunistic Channel Sharingin Cognitive Radio Networks80.462014
Device-to-Device Communication in LTE-A Cellular Networks: Standardization, Architecture, and Challenge00.342014
Utility-Friendly Heterogenous Generalization In Privacy Preserving Data Publishing00.342014
UMPCA based feature extraction for ECG10.352013
How to implement effective prediction and forwarding for fusable dynamic multicore architectures70.462013
DOMINO: relative scheduling in enterprise wireless LANs150.702013
Interference mitigation scheme for Device-to-Device communication with QoS constraint.00.342013
The Optimization of DNA Encodings Based on GAFSA/GA Algorithm.10.352013
A Study on Privacy Preservation for Multi-user and Multi-granularity00.342013
Structural Join in the 'XSQS' Native XML Database.00.342013
Wireless Sensing System-on-Chip for Near-Field Monitoring of Analog and Switch Quantities.101.152012
Single-symbol preamble design and channel estimation for filter bank multi-carrier modulations00.342012
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