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Advances in computing20.462012
Image Compression With Edge-Based Inpainting883.242007
Subband Coupling Aware Rate Allocation for Spatial Scalability in 3-D Wavelet Video Coding30.412007
Video loss recovery with FEC and stream replication180.962006
Region-based rate control and bit allocation for wireless video transmission321.222006
End-to-End QoS for Video Delivery Over Wireless Internet753.332005
Accelerate video decoding with generic GPU435.702005
Adaptive QoS control for real-time video communication over wireless channels40.522005
Sender-adaptive and receiver-driven layered multicast for scalable video over the Internet180.902005
Video transcoding: an overview of various techniques and research issues1568.572005
A proxy-assisted adaptation framework for object video multicasting40.492005
An Overview of Virtual Private Network (VPN): IP VPN and Optical VPN80.862004
Seamless switching of scalable video bitstreams for efficient streaming271.522004
Streaming and Bit Allocation for Scalable Video over Mobile Wireless Internet10.412004
End-to-end TCP-friendly streaming protocol and bit allocation for scalable video over wireless Internet261.292004
An end-to-end adaptation protocol for layered video multicast using optimal rate allocation381.912004
Peer-to-peer based multimedia distribution service562.082004
SMART: an efficient, scalable, and robust streaming video system60.582004
Lateral Error Recovery For Application-Level Multicast110.962004
Layered Motion Estimation And Coding For Fully Scalable 3d Wavelet Video Coding111.042004
An efficient algorithm for adaptive cell sectoring in CDMA systems50.512003
On the rate constraint of transmitting multiple priority classes with QoS00.342003
An end-to-end TCP-friendly streaming protocol for multimedia over wireless Internet20.892003
Scalable portrait video for mobile video communication81.092003
Accelerating Video Decoding Using Gpu10.442003
Rate control for replicated video streams00.342003
A cross-Layer quality-of-service mapping architecture for video delivery in wireless networks361.872003
Macroblock-Based Progressive Fine Granularity Scalable Video Coding30.452003
Feedback-Free Packet Loss Recovery For Video Multicast80.632003
A hybrid adaptation protocol for TCP-friendly layered multicast and its optimal rate allocation181.422002
3-D wavelet compression and progressive inverse wavelet synthesis rendering of concentric mosaic.60.642002
Allocation of layer bandwidths and FECs for video multicast over wired and wireless networks201.152002
Memory-constrained 3-D wavelet transform for video coding without boundary effects342.692002
Flexible and Efficient Switching Techniques between Scalable Video Bitstreams00.342002
Third-generation and beyond (3.5G) wireless networks and its applications61.122002
A two-pass optimal motion-threading technique for 3D wavelet video coding10.412002
A Peer-to-Peer Communication System00.342002
Arbitrarily shaped video-object coding by wavelet141.692001
Network-Adaptive Cache Management Schemes for Mixed Media10.382001
Scalable video coding and transport over broadband wireless networks1316.562001
Streaming video over the Internet: approaches and directions31320.842001
Macroblock-based progressive fine granularity scalable (PFGS) video coding with flexible temporal-SNR scalablilities182.252001
Resource allocation for multimedia streaming over the Internet825.052001
A framework for efficient progressive fine granularity scalable video coding17813.312001
A scalable bit-stream packetization and adaptive rate control framework for object-based video multicast10.352001
Transcoder with arbitrarily resizing capability201.832001
Network-adaptive rate control with unequal loss protection for scalable video over Internet121.212001
Network-adaptive scalable video streaming over 3G wireless network151.082001
A sender-adaptive & receiver-driven layered multicast scheme for video over internet50.812001
An end-to-end probing-based admission control scheme for multimedia applications20.392001
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