Berlin Univ Technol, Comp Vis & Remote Sensing Dept, D-10587 Berlin, Germany
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Regularization Parameter Selection for Tomosar Imaging with Single and Dual Polarimetric Observations00.342022
Resolution Enhancement of Spatial Parametric Methods via Regularization00.342021
The High-Resolution Digital-Beamforming Airborne SAR System DBFSAR.10.372020
Dual-Frequency Airborne SAR for Large Scale Mapping of Tidal Flats.00.342020
Single-Look SAR Tomography of Urban Areas00.342020
The Impact of Different Polarimetric Distance Measures for the Despeckling of Polsar Data Following the Beltrami Approach.00.342019
Robust, Model-Based External Calibration of Multi-Channel Airborne SAR Sensors using Range Compressed Raw Data00.342019
The Beltrami SAR Framework for Multichannel Despeckling00.342019
Towards Feature Enhanced SAR Tomography: A Maximum-Likelihood Inspired Approach.00.342018
TomoSAR Imaging for the Study of Forested Areas: A Virtual Adaptive Beamforming Approach.00.342018
Analysis of Geometrical Approximations in Signal Reconstruction Methods for Multistatic SAR Constellations With Large Along-Track Baseline.00.342018
Generation of Highly Accurate DEMs Over Flat Areas by Means of Dual-Frequency and Dual-Baseline Airborne SAR Interferometry.10.362018
Three-Dimensional Imaging of Objects Concealed Below a Forest Canopy Using SAR Tomography at L-Band and Wavelet-Based Sparse Estimation.20.372017
Guest Editorial Computational Imaging for Earth Sciences.00.342017
Uavsar Polinsar And Tomographic Experiments In Germany00.342016
3d Imaging For Underfoliage Targets Using L-Band Multibaseline Polinsar Data And Sparse Estimation Methods00.342016
First Airborne Demonstration of Holographic SAR Tomography With Fully Polarimetric Multicircular Acquisitions at L-Band.80.602016
Polarimetric Sar Change Detection In Multiple Frequency Bands For Environmental Monitoring In Arctic Regions00.342016
Resolution Enhanced Sar Tomography: A Nonparametric Iterative Adaptive Approach00.342016
SAR tomography of natural environments: Signal processing, applications, and future challenges10.352016
Investigation of SMAP fusion algorithms with airborne active and passive L-band microwave remote sensing00.342016
First Study On Holographic Sar Tomography Over Agricultural Crops At C-/X-Band00.342016
Multi-dimensional airborne holographic SAR tomography reconstruction for glaciers at L-/P-band00.342016
Multi-Baseline Spaceborne Sar Imaging00.342016
International development of multi-band Pol-InSAR satellite sensors for protecting the flora and fauna as well as natural land and coastal environment within the equatorial belt of +/- 23.77°, +/-18°, +/-12° and +/- 8° Latitude.00.342016
Improving Satellite Derived Dems By Using Airborne Insar Data: The Tandem-X / F-Sar Case Of Study00.342015
NL-SAR: A Unified Nonlocal Framework for Resolution-Preserving (Pol)(In)SAR Denoising621.922015
Reconstruction of Coherent Pairs of Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Acquired in Interrupted Mode50.642015
Three-dimensional and higher-order imaging with tomographic SAR: Techniques, applications, issues00.342015
Doppler-Related Distortions in TOPS SAR Images70.652015
Polarimetric 3-D Imaging With Airborne Holographic Sar Tomography Over Glaciers30.432015
Accommodation of space-variant effects in spaceborne SAR image formation00.342014
Efficient Evaluation of Fourier-Based SAR Focusing Kernels00.342014
Combination of repeat and single-pass dual-frequency airborne InSAR data for accurate height estimation10.372014
A cascaded ensemble classifier for object segmentation in high resolution polarimetric SAR data00.342014
On the Processing of Very High Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data331.532014
Polarimetric 3-D reconstruction from multicircular SAR at P-band.30.462014
Fully Polarimetric High-Resolution 3-D Imaging With Circular SAR at L-Band.261.322014
Bistatic SAR image formation: A systematic approach00.342014
Under-foliage target detection using Multi-Baseline L-band PolInSAR data00.342013
First results of multispectral polarimetry and single-pass PolInSAR with the F-SAR airborne SAR instrument00.342013
First demonstration of 3-D holographic tomography with fully polarimetric multi-circular SAR at L-band.30.442013
A Data-Adaptive Compressed Sensing Approach to Polarimetric SAR Tomography of Forested Areas100.572013
Reconstruction of missing data in interferometric SAR systems00.342013
Very-High-Resolution Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging: Signal Processing and Applications311.572013
Wavelet-Based Compressed Sensing for SAR Tomography of Forested Areas.30.402013
High-Resolution SAR Tomography using full rank Polarimetric spectral estimators40.492012
A New Coherent Similarity Measure for Temporal Multichannel Scene Characterization.211.192012
Multisignal Compressed Sensing for Polarimetric SAR Tomography180.872012
Under-Foliage Object Imaging Using SAR Tomography and Polarimetric Spectral Estimators271.502012
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