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Observer Based Leader–Follower Bipartite Consensus With Intermittent Failures Using Lyapunov Functions and Time Scale Theory00.342021
Leader-following Formation Control of Second-order Autonomous Unmanned Systems under Switching Topologies00.342021
Stability Of Nonlinear Switched Systems On Non-Uniform Time Domains With Application To Multi-Agents Consensus00.342020
An output observer approach to actuator fault detection in multi-agent systems with linear dynamics00.342020
On the Local Stabilization of Hybrid Limit Cycles in Switched Affine Systems.00.342019
Mean square consensus of double-integrator multi-agent systems under intermittent control: A stochastic time scale approach00.342019
A Geometric Approach To Nonlinear Fault Detection And Isolation In A Hybrid Three-Cell Converter00.342019
Stability of switched systems on non-uniform time domains with non commuting matrices.00.342018
On the consensus tracking investigation for multi-agent systems on time scale via matrix-valued Lyapunov functions.10.352018
Decentralized Motion Planning and Scheduling of AGVs in an FMS.40.492018
Hybrid Control Design For Limit Cycle Stabilisation Of Planar Switched Systems20.392018
Razumikhin-type Theorems on Practical Stability of Dynamic Equations on Time Scales.00.342018
Investigation of the Driver's Arm Viscoelastic Properties During Steering Vehicle Maneuver.00.342017
Binary Control Design for a Class of Bilinear Systems: Application to a Multilevel Power Converter.30.512016
Switched Control for Reducing Impact of Vertical Forces on Road and Heavy-Vehicle Rollover Avoidance.00.342016
State feedback stabilization of a class of uncertain nonlinear systems on non-uniform time domains.00.342016
Output Observer For Fault Detection In Linear Systems00.342016
Navigation Scheme with Priority-Based Scheduling of Mobile Agents: Application to AGV-Based Flexible Manufacturing System.40.462016
Robust Observer Design of Tire Forces in Heavy-Duty Vehicles00.342015
Using discrete-time hyperchaotic-based asymmetric encryption and decryption keys for secure signal transmission10.382014
Identification of human arm viscoelastic properties during vehicle steering maneuver20.402014
Cooperation mechanisms in multi-agent robotic systems and their use in distributed manufacturing control: Issues and literature review10.362014
Hybrid sliding mode observer for switched linear systems with unknown inputs140.562014
Hybrid sliding mode control for two cells converter00.342014
Active modes and switching instants identification for linear switched systems based on Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization.40.442014
Active diagnosis for a class of switched systems.00.342013
Enlarging The Domain Of Attraction In Nonlinear Polynomial Systems00.342013
A Lyapunov-based design of a modified super-twisting algorithm for the Heisenberg system.10.362013
Virtual Prototyping of an Electric Power Steering Simulator30.482013
Hybrid Observer for the Multicellular Converter00.342012
Binary Signals Design To Control A Power Converter40.642011
Robust finite time observer design for multicellular converters90.622011
Finite-time controller design for nonholonomic mobile robot using the heisenberg form10.372010
Driver torque and road reaction force estimation of an Electric Power Assisted Steering using sliding mode observer with unknown inputs50.852010
Optimal control of switched linear systems by particle swarm optimization.10.442009
Unknown Input Observation Via Sliding Modes : Application To Vehicle Contact Forces10.432009
Real time control via a high order sliding mode controller of a multi-cellular converter00.342009
High Order Sliding Mode And Adaptive Observers For A Class Of Switched Systems With Unknown Parameter: A Comparative Study20.452006
Exact Differentiation via Sliding Mode Observer for Switched Systems10.452006
Control of the kinematic car using trajectory generation and the high order sliding mode control50.772003