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A multi-sensory interactive reading experience for visually impaired children; a user evaluation00.342022
An Instrument for Remote Kissing and Engineering Measurement of Its Communication Effects Including Modified Turing Test00.342020
Artificial intelligence snapchat: Visual conversation agent00.342020
The Effects of Multi-Sensory Augmented Reality on Students’ Motivation in English Language Learning00.342019
Haptic virtual reality and immersive learning for enhanced organic chemistry instruction20.362019
Automatic knowledge extraction of any Chatbot from conversation.10.392019
Confucius computer: a philosophical digital agent for intergenerational philosophical play.20.422017
Sensing the future of HCI: touch, taste, and smell user interfaces.160.962016
Robots and Intimacies: A Preliminary Study of Perceptions, and Intimacies with Robots.00.342016
Kissenger - Development of a Real-Time Internet Kiss Communication Interface for Mobile Phones.00.342016
Multisensory Fashion Communication Media Towards Impression Management00.342015
Using scent actuation for engaging user experiences.10.352015
Virtual touch.00.342015
Augmented reality using high fidelity spherical panorama with HDRI: demonstration00.342015
Sensory marketing in light of new technologies.30.492015
Delivering haptic sensations in mobile marketing.00.342015
Mediating intimacy in long-distance relationships using kiss messaging190.982014
Ring*U: a wearable system for intimate communication using tactile lighting expressions00.342014
Development of smart infant-parents affective telepresence system00.342014
Reviving Traditional Chinese Culture Through an Interactive Chat Application00.342014
Emotional priming of mobile text messages with ring-shaped wearable device using color lighting and tactile expressions120.782014
AmbiKraf Byobu: Merging Technology with Traditional Craft.20.412013
Designing Interactive Paper-Craft Systems with Selective Inductive Power Transmission.20.432013
Confucius Chat: Promoting Traditional Chinese Culture and Enhancing Intergenerational Communication through a Chat System10.412013
Foodie: play with your food promote interaction and fun with edible interface10.352012
Let's have dinner together: evaluate the mediated co-dining experience60.702012
Kawaii/Cute interactive media20.442012
Light perfume: designing a wearable lighting and olfactory accessory for empathic interactions20.462012
Electronic taste stimulation30.822011
Food Media: exploring interactive entertainment over telepresent dinner70.672011
Hall effect sensing input and like polarity haptic feedback in the liquid interface system10.402011
Confucius Computer: bridging intergenerational communication through illogical and cultural computing50.762011
Sound Perfume: Augmenting user's identity using sound and fragrance stimulation00.342011
Digital taste: electronic stimulation of taste sensations40.792011
Mixed reality lab Singapore: a genealogy of lab projects employing the blue sky innovation research methodology00.342011
Modeling literary culture through interactive digital media10.352011
Transactions on edutainment V724.572011
Poetic communication: interactive carpet for subtle family communication and connectedness20.392011
Selective inductive powering system for paper computing40.462011
Digital taste for remote multisensory interactions.00.342011
Poetry mix-up10.382011
Connected online and offline safe social networking for children00.342011
Origami recognition system using natural feature tracking30.482010
Liquid interface: a malleable, transient, direct-touch interface110.802010
Multipresence-enabled mobile spatial audio interfaces00.342010
Petimo: children's companion for safe social networking10.352009
Internet-Enabled User Interfaces For Distance Learning20.412009
Poetry mix-up: a poetry generating system for cultural communication30.422009
Mixed Reality Entertainment and Art.10.352009
Designing physical and social intergenerational family entertainment211.882009
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