Waseda Univ, Tokyo 1690051, Japan
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A Robust Automatic Method to Extract Building Facade Maps from 3D Point Cloud Data00.342022
A Coordinated Restoration Method of Hybrid AC–DC Distribution Network With Electric Buses Considering Transportation System Influence00.342022
New results on Hessian matrices and stabilization for stochastic T–S models via line integral00.342022
MARV: Multi-task learning and Attention based Rumor Verification scheme for Social Media00.342022
Research on Object Panoramic 3D Point Cloud Reconstruction System Based on Structure From Motion00.342022
High-performance medical data processing technology based on distributed parallel machine learning algorithm00.342022
Sparse-Promoting 3-D Airborne Electromagnetic Inversion Based on Shearlet Transform00.342022
Using Range Split-Spectrum Interferometry to Reduce Phase Unwrapping Errors for InSAR-Derived DEM in Large Gradient Region00.342022
Distributed Cooperative Control Based on Multiagent System for Islanded Microgrids With Switching Topology and Channel Interruption10.352022
An Effective Ensemble Automatic Feature Selection Method for Network Intrusion Detection00.342022
Calculation Method for Dynamic Stiffness of Multispan Overhead Transmission Lines00.342022
Using a Two-Stage Scheme to Map Toxic Metal Distributions Based on GF-5 Satellite Hyperspectral Images at a Northern Chinese Opencast Coal Mine.00.342022
A warning framework for avoiding vessel-bridge and vessel-vessel collisions based on generative adversarial and dual-task networks00.342022
Towards Optimal and Executable Distribution Grid Restoration Planning With a Fine-Grained Power-Communication Interdependency Model00.342022
A New Analysis Method Based on the Coupling Effect of Saturation and Expansion for the Shallow Stability of Expansive Soil Slopes00.342022
Reinforcement Learning-Based Visible Light Positioning and Handover Scheme With Stereo-Camera00.342022
Improving Accuracy and Diversity in Matching of Recommendation With Diversified Preference Network00.342022
Dense Oil Tank Detection and Classification via YOLOX-TR Network in Large-Scale SAR Images00.342022
A Scalable Quantum Key Distribution Network Testbed Using Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation00.342022
3D Finite-Element Forward Modeling of Airborne EM Systems in Frequency-Domain Using Octree Meshes00.342022
Interferometric SAR Observation of Permafrost Status in the Northern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau by ALOS, ALOS-2 and Sentinel-1 between 2007 and 202100.342022
A Pipelined Algorithm and Area-Efficient Architecture for Serial Real-Valued FFT00.342022
Contrastive Cross-domain Recommendation in Matching00.342022
Multi-level video quality services and security guarantees based on compressive sensing in sensor-cloud system00.342022
MPAM: Reliable, Low-Latency, Near-Threshold-Voltage Multi-Voltage/Frequency-Domain Network-on-Chip with Metastability Risk Prediction and Mitigation00.342022
Seismic Volumetric Dip Estimation via Multichannel Deep Learning Model00.342022
Human trajectory forecasting using a flow-based generative model00.342022
A Residual Voltage Data-Driven Prediction Method for Voltage Sag Based on Data Fusion00.342022
Parallel Pipelined Architecture and Algorithm for Matrix Transposition Using Registers00.342022
A novel meta-graph-based attention model for event recommendation00.342022
A novel adaptive-refresh scheme to reduce refresh with page endurance variance in 3D TLC NAND flash memories00.342022
Research on Numerical Simulation Method of Nonstationary Random Vibration Signal Sensor in Railway Transportation00.342022
2D Compressed Sensing Using Nonlocal Low-Rank Prior Reconstruction for Cipher-Image Coding00.342022
Event-Triggered Hybrid Voltage Regulation With Required BESS Sizing in High-PV-Penetration Networks00.342022
Azimuth-Sensitive Object Detection of High-Resolution SAR Images in Complex Scenes by Using a Spatial Orientation Attention Enhancement Network00.342022
Fast Lossless Neural Compression with Integer-Only Discrete Flows.00.342022
Earning While Learning: An Adversarial Multi-Armed Bandit Based Real-Time Bidding Scheme in Deregulated Electricity Market00.342022
Compressing Cipher Images by Using Semi-tensor Product Compressed Sensing and Pre-mapping00.342022
TICA: A 0.3V, Variation-Resilient 64-Stage Deeply-Pipelined Bitcoin Mining Core with Timing Slack Inference and Clock Frequency Adaption00.342022
COSINE: Compressive Network Embedding on Large-Scale Information Networks00.342022
A Neural Network-Based Hybrid Framework for Least-Squares Inversion of Transient Electromagnetic Data00.342022
COVID-ONE-hi: The One-stop Database for COVID-19-specific Humoral Immunity and Clinical Parameters.00.342021
Dynamic Gesture Recognition Based on RF Sensor and AE-LSTM Neural Network00.342021
Motion Attitude Recognition and Behavior Prediction Algorithm Based on Wireless Sensor Network00.342021
A New Medium and Long-Term Power Load Forecasting Method Considering Policy Factors00.342021
3d Wavelet Finite-Element Modeling Of Frequency-Domain Airborne Em Data Based On B-Spline Wavelet On The Interval Using Potentials00.342021
Temporally Correlated Sparsity Based Compressed Sensing of Doubly Selective Sky Wave Channel for High-Frequency OFDM Systems00.342020
Localization of Moving Source in the Shallow Layer of Deep Ocean Based on the Arriving Time Difference between the First and Second Waves00.342020
A hierarchical sparse coding model predicts acoustic feature encoding in both auditory midbrain and cortex.00.342019
Development of a New Variable Curvature Flexible Joint Based Surgical Manipulator for a Narrow Workspace00.342019
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