Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
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ScreenPress: a powerful and flexible platform for networked pervasive display systems20.392017
Improved Developer Support for the Detection of Cross-Browser Incompatibilities.10.342017
MyoShare: sharing data among devices via mid-air gestures.00.342017
Orchestrating multi-device presentations with OmniPresent20.362017
Continuous tilting interaction techniques on mobile devices for controlling public displays.00.342017
Efficient Z-Ordered Traversal of Hypercube Indexes.00.342017
Proximity-Based Adaptation of Web Content on Public Displays.10.352017
End-user web development tool for tilting interactions.00.342017
Is a framework enough?: cross-device testing and debugging.20.362016
UI Testing Cross-Device Applications.10.362016
Usage analysis of cross-device web applications.20.372016
Surveying personal device ecosystems with cross-device applications in mind.50.452016
Revisiting Web Data Extraction Using In-Browser Structural Analysis And Visual Cues In Modern Web Designs10.362016
Ctat: Tilt-And-Tap Across Devices50.462016
Rapid Development of Web Applications that use Tilting Interactions in Single and Multi-Device Scenarios.00.342016
Using a file history graph to keep track of personal resources across devices and services.10.342016
Memsy: Keeping Track of Personal Digital Resources Across Devices and Services10.352015
Eyes-Free Touch Command Support for Pen-Based Digital Whiteboards via Handheld Devices10.352015
Improving conceptual data models through iterative development00.342015
MUBox: Multi-User Aware Personal Cloud Storage20.362015
How to give Feedback on Data Quality: A Study in the Food Sciences00.342015
Kinect analysis: a system for recording, analysing and sharing multimodal interaction elicitation studies70.542015
Mixing and Mashing Website Themes00.342015
XDSession: integrated development and testing of cross-device applications60.432015
Tilt-and-Tap: Framework to Support Motion-Based Web Interaction Techniques50.472015
Deriving Custom Post Types from Digital Mockups30.402015
Web on the Wall Reloaded: Implementation, Replication and Refinement of User-Defined Interaction Sets70.442014
Interactive development of cross-device user interfaces431.232014
A Study of Data Quality Requirements for Empirical Data in the food Sciences.00.342014
Component-based web engineering using shared components and connectors00.342014
Advanced authoring of paper-digital systems - Introducing templates and variable content elements for interactive paper publishing.00.342014
Spatial Querying of Geographical Data with Pen-Input Scopes20.362014
XDKinect: development framework for cross-device interaction using kinect170.702014
Multimasher: Providing Architectural Support And Visual Tools For Multi-Device Mashups160.662014
The PH-tree: a space-efficient storage structure and multi-dimensional index90.662014
Engineering information management tools by example10.352014
A Platform To Support Object Database Research00.342013
CrowdAdapt: enabling crowdsourced web page adaptation for individual viewing conditions and preferences140.672013
Constraint-Based Data Quality Management Framework For Object Databases.10.342013
PresiShare: opportunistic sharing and presentation of content using public displays and QR codes120.802013
Optimising Conceptual Data Models Through Profiling In Object Databases20.362013
Informing the design of new mobile development methods and tools20.432013
Pen and touch gestural environment for document editing on interactive tabletops140.542013
Information Concepts for Cross-device Applications.70.542013
Integrating component-based web engineering into content management systems30.412013
CrowdStudy: general toolkit for crowdsourced evaluation of web interfaces130.642013
QUEST: Towards a Multi-modal CBIR Framework Combining Query-by-Example, Query-by-Sketch, and Text Search10.362013
Gesture-supported document creation on pen and touch tabletops20.432013
MultiMasher: A Visual Tool for Multi-device Mashups100.692013
Advanced Information Systems Engineering: 25th International Conference, CAiSE 2013, Valencia, Spain, June 17-21, 2013, Proceedings441.802013