Nanjing University, State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing, China and Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Computer Science Department, Nanjing, China
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CPGCN: Collaborative Property-aware Graph Convolutional Networks for Service Recommendation00.342022
A Redactable Blockchain Framework for Secure Federated Learning in Industrial Internet of Things00.342022
Bipartite network embedding with Symmetric Neighborhood Convolution00.342022
Estimating crowd density with edge intelligence based on lightweight convolutional neural networks00.342022
FH-CFI: Fine-grained hardware-assisted control flow integrity for ARM-based IoT devices00.342022
Multi-label active learning from crowds for secure IIoT00.342021
Topic-Attentive Encoder-Decoder with Pre-Trained Language Model for Keyphrase Generation00.342021
An Effective Classification-Based Framework for Predicting Cloud Capacity Demand in Cloud Services10.372021
An Adaptive Industrial Control Equipment Safety Fault Diagnosis Method In Industrial Internet Of Things00.342021
Multi-label graph node classification with label attentive neighborhood convolution00.342021
Heuristic Network Security Risk Based on Attack Graph00.342021
Security-Aware Dynamic Scheduling for Real-Time Optimization in Cloud-Based Industrial Applications20.382021
KPG4Rec: Knowledge Property-Aware Graph for Recommender Systems00.342021
A Framework for Enhancing Deep Neural Networks Against Adversarial Malware10.362021
MHCOOS: An Offline-Online Certificateless Signature Scheme for M-Health Devices10.352020
Active Defense by Mimic Association Transmission in Edge Computing00.342020
Multiclass imbalanced learning with one-versus-one decomposition and spectral clustering10.352020
DISL: Deep Isomorphic Substructure Learning for network representations00.342020
Low-cohesion differential privacy protection for industrial Internet20.362020
Security-Driven Hybrid Collaborative Recommendation Method for Cloud-based IoT Services00.342020
ANiTW: A Novel Intelligent Text Watermarking Technique for Forensic Identification of Spurious Information on Social Media30.402020
Self-Similarity Analysis and Application of Water Network Traffic00.342019
A fault-tolerant dynamic scheduling method on hierarchical mobile edge cloud computing.10.362019
Mimic Defense Techniques of Edge-Computing Terminal00.342019
The Research Reviewed of Edge Network Active Safety Defense Technology00.342019
Quantized dissipative filter design for Markovian switch T–S fuzzy systems with time-varying delays10.352019
Safety Risk Monitoring of Hydraulic Power Generation Industrial Control Network00.342019
Text Mining Techniques To Capture Facts For Cloud Computing Adoption And Big Data Processing10.362019
Security Risk Control of Water Power Generation Industrial Control Network Based on Attack and Defense Map00.342019
Privacy-preserving and sparsity-aware location-based prediction method for collaborative recommender systems.40.382019
Network Traffic Big Data Prediction Model Based on Combinatorial Learning00.342019
Noise-tolerance matrix completion for location recommendation.00.342018
A novel data-driven stock price trend prediction system.40.422018
A Comparative Analysis of Information Hiding Techniques for Copyright Protection of Text Documents.10.392018
Nframe: A privacy-preserving with non-frameability handover authentication protocol based on (t, n) secret sharing for LTE/LTE-A networks70.422017
A Viewpoint on Location-Based Mobile Apps Testing00.342017
Research on dynamic heuristic scanning technique and the application of the malicious code detection model.10.352017
Private classification with limited labeled data.00.342017
Model and analysis of path compression for mobile Ad Hoc networks10.392010
A Root-fault Detection System of Grid Based on Immunology10.342006
The design of data-link equipment redundant strategy00.342006
A Grid Troubleshooting Method Based on Fuzzy Event00.342006