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Physical Layer Secrecy Performance Analysis of Imperfect Feedback Based 4×1 MISO System00.342020
Secrecy Outage Performance of SWIPT Cognitive Radio Network With Imperfect CSI.00.342020
How Robust Is A Lora Communication Against Impulsive Noise?00.342020
Virtual Full-Duplex Relaying in a Buffer-Aided Multi-Hop Cooperative Network00.342020
Experimental And Analytical Investigations Of An Optically Pre-Amplified Fso-Mimo System With Repetition Coding Over Non-Identically Distributed Correlated Channels00.342020
2-D Channel Characterization of a Molecular Motor Signal00.342020
Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff for Indoor Visible Light Communication00.342020
Molecular Channel Characterization for a Rectangular Container With Reflecting and Absorbing Boundaries.10.372020
Relayed FSO Links for Ground-to-Train Communications00.342020
Performance of Hybrid ARQ over Power Line Communications Channels00.342020
Double Differential Modulation for Buffer-Aided Cooperative Relaying with Priority-Based Max Link Selection00.342020
Molecular Motor Communication with An Absorbing Receiver00.342020
DF Relaying in Cooperative Free Space Optical Communication System in Presence of Jammer00.342020
Experimental Analysis of a Triple-Hop Relay-Assisted FSO System with Turbulence00.342019
Performance of Free Space Optical Communication System under Jamming Attack and Its Mitigation over Non-Gaussian Noise Channel00.342019
Differential Optical Spatial Modulation Over Atmospheric Turbulence10.352019
A Simplified Form of Beam Spread Function in Underwater Wireless Optical Communication and its Applications.00.342019
Performance Analysis of Cluster-Based Multi-Hop Underlay CRNs Using Max-Link-Selection Protocol.20.372018
Performance Analysis of a Dual-Hop Wireless-Power Line Mixed Cooperative System.20.402018
On Physical Layer Security of α-η-κ-μ Fading Channels.00.342018
3-D Diffusive-Drift Molecular Channel Characterization for Active and Passive Receivers10.372018
Performance of Incremental Relaying Protocols for Cooperative Multihop CRNs.00.342018
Mobile User Connectivity in Relay-Assisted Visible Light Communications.10.362018
Secrecy Performance of Imperfect One Bit Feedback Based Alamouti MISO System.10.362017
Game-Theoretical Analysis of PLC System Performance in the Presence of Jamming Attacks.10.352017
A quartic mixture distribution and its application to ML decoder based analysis of FSO systems00.342017
Physical Layer Security of a Multiantenna-Based CR Network With Single and Multiple Primary Users.60.412017
PLC performance evaluation with channel gain and additive noise over nonuniform background noise phase.00.342017
Performance analysis of cooperative multi-hop CRNs over Nakagami-m fading channels00.342017
Performance of multi-path and multi-hop underlay cognitive radio network with max-min path selection00.342017
Hard switching in hybrid FSO/RF link: Investigating data rate and link availability10.402017
Secrecy Outage of a Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer Cognitive Radio System.80.452016
BER analysis of improved path selection criterion for cluster-based multi-hop cooperative networks00.342016
Selection relaying in decode-and-forward multi-hop cognitive radio systems using energy detection.90.452016
On the Performance of a PLC System Assuming Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying.20.412016
Quantized Feedback-Based Differential Signaling for Free-Space Optical Communication System.10.352016
Performance Evaluation of Best-Path Selection in a Multihop Decode-and-Forward Cooperative System.80.512016
Performance of an Improved Energy Detector in Multi-Hop Cognitive Radio Networks150.672016
Buffer-Aided Max-Link Relay Selection in Multi-Hop DF Cooperative Networks00.342016
Achieving Secure Communication in CRN with Malicious Energy Harvester Using Game Theory.00.342016
Buffer-Aided Multi-Hop DF Cooperative Networks: A State-Clustering Based Approach.30.402016
Using differential signalling to mitigate pointing errors effect in FSO communication link10.422016
Plc Performance Evaluation With Non-Uniform Background Noise Phase00.342016
Maximum likelihood decoding of QPSK signal in power line communications over Nakagami-m additive noise30.612015
Making Two-Way Satellite Relaying Feasible: A Differential Modulation Based Approach100.502015
On the Performance of Alamouti Scheme in Gamma-Gamma Fading FSO Links With Pointing Errors130.712015
Performance Evaluation of PLC under the Combined Effect of Background and Impulsive Noises120.912015
A One Bit Feedback Based Beamforming Scheme for FSO MISO System Over Gamma-Gamma Fading71.082015
Outage Probability Analysis Of Plc With Channel Gain Under Nakagami-M Additive Noise30.612015
Performance Evaluation of Decode-and-Forward Satellite Relaying140.642015
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