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Design and Analysis of SWIPT With Safety Constraints00.342022
A Hybrid Training-Time and Run-Time Defense Against Adversarial Attacks in Modulation Classification10.372022
Outage Constrained Robust Beamforming Optimization for Multiuser IRS-Assisted Anti-Jamming Communications With Incomplete Information00.342022
Refracting RIS-Aided Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Relay Networks: Joint Beamforming Design and Optimization30.382022
Model-Driven Learning for Generic MIMO Downlink Beamforming With Uplink Channel Information10.362022
A GNN-Based Supervised Learning Framework for Resource Allocation in Wireless IoT Networks00.342022
Adversarial Learning in Transformer Based Neural Network in Radio Signal Classification.00.342022
Secure Transmission in Cell-Free Massive MIMO With Low-Resolution DACs Over Rician Fading Channels00.342022
Stochastic Geometry-Based Analysis of Cache-Enabled Hybrid Satellite-Aerial-Terrestrial Networks With Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access40.382022
Embedding Model-Based Fast Meta Learning for Downlink Beamforming Adaptation00.342022
SCMA-Based Multiaccess Edge Computing in IoT Systems: An Energy-Efficiency and Latency Tradeoff00.342022
Distributed UAV Deployment in Hostile Environment: A Game-Theoretic Approach00.342022
A Data Augmentation based DNN Approach for Outage-Constrained Robust Beamforming00.342021
Computational EE Fairness in Backscatter-Assisted Wireless Powered MEC Networks20.362021
Auction-Based Multichannel Cooperative Spectrum Sharing in Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial IoT Networks30.362021
Resource Allocation for Open-Loop Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Uplink Communications in Vehicular Networks00.342021
Joint Interference Alignment and Probabilistic Caching in MIMO Small-Cell Networks10.372021
Intelligent Reflecting Surface Enhanced Secure Transmission Against Both Jamming and Eavesdropping Attacks10.352021
Secure Transmission in Massive MIMO System With Specular Component-Based Beamforming and Artificial Noise Over Ricean Fading Channel10.362021
Transfer Learning and Meta Learning-Based Fast Downlink Beamforming Adaptation30.372021
Fast Meta Learning for Adaptive Beamforming00.342021
Joint Beamforming and Admission Controlfor Cache-Enabled Cloud-RAN with LimitedFronthaul Capacity00.342020
Effect of User Mobility and Channel Fading on the Outage Performance of UAV Communications50.402020
Physical layer security analysis of random linear network coding for relay-aided networks00.342020
Blockchain Secured Auction-Based User Offloading in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks10.352020
Gaussian Process Based Channel Prediction for Communication-Relay UAV in Urban Environments10.372020
Ergodic Capacity of NOMA-Based Uplink Satellite Networks With Randomly Deployed Users80.512020
Energy Efficiency And Delay Optimization For Edge Caching Aided Video Streaming00.342020
Fast Specific Absorption Rate Aware Beamforming For Downlink Swipt Via Deep Learning10.352020
Machine Learning Aided Blockchain Assisted Framework for Wireless Networks00.342020
Deep learning-based edge caching for multi-cluster heterogeneous networks30.382020
Physical Layer Security for Multiuser Satellite Communication Systems with Threshold-based Scheduling Scheme70.442020
Spectrum and Energy Efficiency in Dynamic UAV-Powered Millimeter Wave Networks00.342020
DFT-Based Low-Complexity Channel Estimation Method for Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems00.342019
Incentive Design for Cache-Enabled D2D Underlaid Cellular Networks Using Stackelberg Game.70.492019
Coverage Area Performance for Multiple Interfering UAVs.00.342019
Blockchain-Empowered Decentralized Storage in Air-to-Ground Industrial Networks.30.362019
Unsupervised Learning-Based Fast Beamforming Design for Downlink MIMO.60.422019
Deep Learning Based Beamforming Neural Networks In Downlink Miso Systems10.352019
Optimization of Uplink CSI Training for Full-Duplex Multiuser MIMO Systems00.342019
On the Performance of the Uplink Satellite Multiterrestrial Relay Networks With Hardware Impairments and Interference60.452019
Blockchain-Based Distributive Auction for Relay-Assisted Secure Communications.00.342019
Full-Duplex Amplify-and-Forward Relay Selection in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks40.392019
Non-Uniform Deployment of Power Beacons in Wireless Powered Communication Networks00.342019
Robust Multigroup Multicast Precoding For Frame-Based Multi-Beam Satellite Communications00.342018
Performance Analysis of NOMA-Based Land Mobile Satellite Networks.30.382018
Full-Duplex Enabled Cloud Radio Access Network00.342018
Secrecy Rate Analysis of UAV-Enabled mmWave Networks Using Matérn Hardcore Point Processes.130.532018
Proactive Caching For Transmission Performance In Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks00.342018
A Novel Optimal Mapping Algorithm With Less Computational Complexity for Virtual Network Embedding.30.412018
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