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NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Super-Resolution and Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Dataset, Methods and Results00.342022
Spatial-Temporal Gray-Level Co-Occurrence Aware CNN for SAR Image Change Detection00.342022
Deep Segment Model for Acoustic Scene Classification00.342022
A modified characteristic projection finite element method for the Kelvin-Voigt viscoelastic fluid equations00.342022
Transfer Learning-powered Resource Optimization for Green Computing in 5G-Aided Industrial Internet of Things00.342022
Decentralized Allocation of Geo-distributed Edge Resources using Smart Contracts00.342022
Reconfiguring a hierarchical supply chain model under pandemic using text mining and social media analysis00.342022
Application of Improved Mask R-CNN Algorithm Based on Gastroscopic Image in Detection of Early Gastric Cancer00.342022
Generalizing Factorization of Gans by Characterizing Convolutional Layers00.342022
Are we building on the rock? on the importance of data preprocessing for code summarization.00.342022
A Novel Method for SAR Ship Detection Based on Eigensubspace Projection00.342022
Driving Factors and Moderating Effects Behind Citizen Engagement With Mobile Short-Form Videos00.342022
Verifying the safety properties of distributed systems via mergeable parallelism00.342022
Target Detection Model Distillation Using Feature Transition and Label Registration for Remote Sensing Imagery00.342022
Study of facial generation methods after orthodontic treatment00.342022
Knowledge-based approach for dimensionality reduction solving repetitive combinatorial optimization problems00.342021
HOPS: A Fast Algorithm for Segmenting Piecewise Polynomials of Arbitrary Orders00.342021
Adversarial Training for Multi-domain Speaker Recognition00.342021
Finite-Time Passivity of Adaptive Coupled Neural Networks With Undirected and Directed Topologies.60.402020
Compressed Sensing Method for Health Monitoring of Pipelines Based on Guided Wave Inspection00.342020
A Simple Improvement for Permanent Magnet Systems for Kibble Balances: More Flat Field at Almost No Cost10.372020
Learning Driving Models From Parallel End-to-End Driving Data Set30.412020
Automatic Car Damage Assessment System: Reading And Understanding Videos As Professional Insurance Inspectors00.342020
Comprehensive Cross-Efficiency Methods With Common Weight Restrictions In Data Envelopment Analysis00.342020
Pixel-Level Self-Paced Learning for Super-Resolution00.342020
Finite-Time Consensus and Finite-Time <inline-formula><tex-math notation="LaTeX">$H_{\infty }$</tex-math></inline-formula> Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems Under Directed Topology70.412020
Multifrequency Identification And Exploitation In Lamb Wave Inspection00.342019
Passivity and synchronization of coupled reaction-diffusion neural networks with multiple coupling and uncertain inner coupling matrices.00.342019
Finite-Time Passivity and Synchronization of Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Neural Networks With Multiple Weights.100.432019
A filter-based bare-bone particle swarm optimization algorithm for unsupervised feature selection50.392019
Divergence-Augmented Policy Optimization00.342019
Aluminum Alkoxy-Catalyzed Biomass Conversion Of Glucose To 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural: Mechanistic Study Of The Cooperative Bifunctional Catalysis00.342019
Multimodal Lamb Wave Identification Using Combination of Instantaneous Frequency with EMD00.342019
Multi-Modal Question Answering System Driven by Domain Knowledge Graph00.342019
Comparative Analysis Of Vessel Segmentation Techniques In Retinal Images20.372019
CMIP5-Based Wave Energy Projection: Case Studies of the South China Sea and the East China Sea.00.342019
Integrated optimization method of operational subsidy with fare for urban rail transit.00.342019
Path Planning of Submarine Cables00.342019
QoS Attributes Prediction with Attention-based LSTM Network for Mobile Services00.342019
An interharmonic phasor and frequency estimator for subsynchronous oscillation identification and monitoring.00.342019
Publishing Differentially Private Datasets via Stable Microaggregation.00.342019
Grid-Wise Control for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Video Game AI00.342019
Attention Embedded Spatio-Temporal Network For Video Salient Object Detection00.342019
Adversarial Regularization for End-to-End Robust Speaker Verification30.392019
UAV-Borne Dual-Band Sensor Method for Monitoring Physiological Crop Status.10.372019
The VC-Dimension of Visibility on the Boundary of Monotone Polygons00.342019
Contextualized Spatial-Temporal Network for Taxi Origin-Destination Demand Prediction.100.462019
Feature weighted confidence to incorporate prior knowledge into support vector machines for classification20.362019
Effective Automated Decision Support for Managing Crowdtesting.00.342018
Person Re-Identification With Weighted Spatial-Temporal Features00.342018
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